TRANSATEC is a Payment Processing Solutions Provider

We assist online merchants with product development, custom systems integration, back office risk management and customer service. Our expertise enables merchants to focus on product delivery while we ensure that their payments systems operate optimally, efficiently and profitably



Our Services

These are just some of the services that we can provide to help your business

Product Development

We have a strong team of industry experts and a pool of engineering talent to make custom development a less daunting prospect. All we require from our customers are a set of business requirements and we can then give you our analysis, an accurate cost and timeline and our guarantee that it will be done right the first time.
If your existing products are outdated and they need refreshing, it might be more efficient to re-build than add-on. You tell us what you need and what you already have and we will do the initial analysis to provide the best options.
Once development is finalized, it’s your choice whether to manage things in house or as part of our offering we can take care of this for you often with a much lower cost than maintaining in-house staff.

Systems Integration

If you are currently working with legacy systems or with a number of providers and systems that are not connected, we are experts in middleware that will enable you to easily and efficiently bring all of your data and systems under one umbrella and under control.
Even if today you are working with something as simple as spreadsheets, the data and processes can be extracted and adapted. Just tell us what you want to achieve and where the data sources are and we can create and integration plan to suit your needs.

Back Office CRM

Your customer data is your responsibility and one of your greatest assets. We can assist you in the development of management systems and routines to ensure that marketing, payment processing and customer service all work hand-in-hand to maximize the value of your customers and your advertising spend.
We can create customized workflow processes to streamline your business. By leveraging multiple points of data and combining them into meaningful metrics, you can gain a deeper understanding of what is happening in the business and why.
Don’t drive your business in the dark. Improving your business processes doesn’t have to be expensive but with the right amount of focus, it will give returns that far outweigh the effort and up-front costs.
Customer Service
More Than Just Customer Service
We can provide you with a turnkey service including email, live phone support and online chat. We can provide our customers with service from our own in-house contact center or, as required, through our network of partners access to large volume support services in 12 languages. All the call centers we work with are actively managed by us ensuring the highest quality but with the added flexibility needed to manage peaks in volume. High quality customer service is a key element in mitigating risk with online payments. By using the effective management of customer service to generate rapid feedback to the product development and marketing teams, we are able to assist our customers in increasing customer satisfaction and reducing potential chargeback problems.
Open new opportunities. With access to a native, multi-lingual, group of highly talented professionals we can help you with more than the basics of customer service. We are able to use the combination of cultural and language knowledge to assist in product development, website translation, marketing review and adaptation. Think of us as your service and language partner.

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